Everyone is hiring.
Let's face it: everyone is hiring nowadays. Whether it is McDonalds or a Machine Learning startup, the "now hiring" signs are everywhere. While we can't provide anyone to flip burgers, if you have a technical need, we are here to help.
We know people.

Based in Louisville and working out of India, we have a wide network of high quality resources. We work with skilled teams throughout India so that we can provide the right people for you at better rates in any domain. From custom software development to accounting, from chat support to SEO, we pride ourselves on finding and managing the right people for whatever technical need you have.

  • High Quality

    We find the right kind of people for your company.

  • Accountable

    We manage the resources in India for added accountability.

  • Flexible

    Any kind of project or engagement. Just let us know your need and we can make it happen.

We're ready to serve you. Talk to us today and let's find the right people for you!